About Us​

We are a team of entrepreneurs who have worked in the e-commerce and logistics sectors for years. We know that there is a disconnect between merchants and delivery agents, and we wanted to create an app that would bridge that gap. Our goal is to make it easier for merchants to get their products delivered, and to make it easier for delivery agents to find work.

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quickerfly agent holding a package

Our Mission

We are a technology company that is passionate about providing a better delivery experience for both merchants and delivery agents. We believe that everyone should have access to quick, easy, and affordable deliveries, no matter where they are in the world. Our mission is to make delivery faster, easier, and more affordable for everyone.


20% Discount for Early Birds

If you are a merchant or a delivery agent, you can register now to receive 20% off our service fees with our Early Bird discount. This offer is for a limited time only!